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I am pleased to share the first guest post on my blog with you today. I discovered Les Belle Fashion on Instagram. It’s an unusually fresh and lively style on this blog. At regular intervals, Les Belle offers fashion outfits for the day, the night or the weekend. I always have a smile on my face when I read these write-ups.
The blogger & copywriter – Nuel Iyere – has written this article explicitly for you.
Let yourself be inspired. (in German here)
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Have fun as you enjoy the read,
your Petra Kolossa.
=======>>> The days are getting shorter and the temperatures cooler, which means only one thing: winter is already here. During this time of the year, people keep fussing about how to look smashing hot in spite of the cold weather and this is where I would like to help prepare you for the snowy, chilly months ahead. Here’s everything you need to keep the cold out without sacrificing your fashion sense. And the interesting thing about these wardrobe essentials is that they are available for cheap prices.
i-Parka2The Parka – Since the Parka was first worn by the native Inuit of the Arctic regions of Northern Russia and Alaska to protect themselves from the extremely cold Arctic climate, it has never lost its topicality, forcing its way to become a staple winter outfit. If there’s only one winter item you will really need, then it’s a parka – just one that reaches to the mid-thigh, preferably with features that makes it versatile and is waterproof, not water-repellent – so it can be worn in the rain, snow and any weather. It’s good to opt for waterproof rather than water-repellent finishing so you can wear the coat in the snow or in the rain. Also choose one that’s a buttoned-down furry coat. When buying, make sure it’s a good synthetic coat. You might not necessarily want to wear animal skins as part of your clothing.
Waterproof Snow boots – If you’d love to go hiking in the snow, spend a few bucks on waterproof snowboots. Decide on a material designed to keep out the wet and cold. Buy a warm lined fur version. I recommend a modern synthetic variant. And opt for an Ultra-Protector, which additionally provides a waterproof protection and extra warmth.
Sweater – The sweater and cardigan have been an integral part of our wardrobe since spring, and we can not stress enough how important it is for the winter months. We recommend choosing at least two cozy vests with colors that will fit most things in your wardrobe. The choice between black, white, brown / beige, blue or mixed colors in a striped fashion style is very stylish. Choose a cashmere sweater with a round neck and a second that you particularly like. I prefer the sweaters with a v-neck. Interestingly, these can be worn all year round.
Warm tights & leggings – For women, the purchase of tight pants is definitely a good choice. Nothing reveals your curves more than this. Despite trying to cover up because of the cold, you’ll also want something revealing – so these are a must. They go with all types of tops and shoes. And if you’re wearing your thigh high boots, theyll fit better than your jeans.
i-Thigh high boot
Hats & Beanies – Ever since the Middle Ages, when hats were worn to give the wearer social status, the usage of hats speaks only one language: classy. If you don one, you belong to a class of its own. All the more interesting is that this accessory can be worn all year round and you’ll still look fashionable. It does not discriminate against the seasons. Even if you’re not a hat person, you might need a beanie for those extra-chilly days. On these days, it makes a big difference to cover your head with an extra layer under the hood. If you think you do not have enough money to buy this item, it is good to know that it is very cheap and already available for only $10.

A scarf – Do not underestimate the power of a scarf. Wearing a scarf will not only keep you warm, it will also contribute to your aesthetics. You can wrap this piece around your face in the cold wind. There are many cheap and beautiful ones that you can buy without breaking the bank. Pick one in a color that complements/corresponds with most of your coats. And if you already have one, consider gifting one as a Christmas present to your significant other, as it means that you greatly cherish him / her.
Gloves – I added gloves to the list, not only because it ensures that your hands are warm, but also because it is aesthetically valuable. I prefer leather gloves, but you can also wear gloves made of mittens. There are also some touchscreen friendly ones that you can use with your phone or tablet when you are outside.
A Turtleneck – The list will not be complete without talking about the turtleneck. It’s your perfect combi-friendly outfit for layering. It can be worn with a suit, parka, coat, jacket or sweater and it can also be combined with your pants as a stand-alone piece. You should definitely spend some money on it.
i-Thigh high boots
Thigh high boots – One of the hottest accessories is the over-the-knee boot. It always draws attention to the wearer whenever it’s being donned. The over the knee boots not only keep you warm, but also sassy and chic – the perfect winter combination! These can be combined with jeans, tights / leggings and a sweater for a casual day look or at night with a skirt or mini dress.
i-Jumper Dress
Knitted Jumper Dress – The easiest way to show a little leg while remaining cozy is wearing a knitted sweater dress. Combine it with tights for extra warmth or put your favorite winter coat over it. This style looks good with most shoes. You really can not go wrong here.
A stylish jacket – Here, I’m referring to a leather jacket as well as a denim jacket. Both are essential for any winter wardrobe and give any outfit immediate freshness, coolness and cheeky edge. Toss one of these over your jeans and tee on the weekend or blouse and pants for the nightlife. These jackets have the power to transform any winter outfit from drab to fab!
i-Ankle Boots 
Ankle Boots – These are perennial vestiary staples. As stylish and versatile as this shoe may be, it never seems to get old. And what makes it even more encompassing is that it matches every fashion piece you would like to wear.
Earmuffs – Apart from the fact that you will not have cold ears and headaches due to the bad weather, the oversized earmuffs are also a bit stylish and it is not a bad idea to tag along with a pair if you leave the house for a long walk. Maybe you would like to add this conspicuous item to your shopping list.
Cozy pajamas – When you come home from your various outings or on days when you do not feel like going out, there is nothing more chill and relaxing than your PJs. You should definitely save for a pair.
Stepping out in any of these combos will ensure that you’re looking just as cool as the weather.
Leave a comment telling me if the list is comprehensive enough or I missed a thing. Also, do tell me the ones you don’t have and will be willing to spend a little cash on.
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