Top 8 Inevitable Consequences Of The Coronavirus Pandemic Crisis

A health worker stacking medical equipment and medicines in China

Just in case you’re an alien from Mars, the juiciest topic on the planet right now is that of the novel coronavirus pandemic caused by the SARS-Cov-2. It’s been ravaging economies, stocks have been plunging, the earth’s population is being decimated daily, everyone’s in a panic, the uncertainty is super high and the media is making lots of money from this pandemic.

Regardless of how much people will prefer not to talk about the topic, you can’t help it. You watch or listen to it on the news, see a post about it on social media, get newsletters of how it impacts businesses and the gloom forecasts the future holds. It’s everywhere in your face. I even dreamt about it last night, surprisingly.
While we’re all hoping that a cure is developed real soon, here are the top 8 inevitable takeaways of this coronavirus pandemic, otherwise called Covid-19.

Many new markets will be explored

The coronavirus outbreak started in the Hubei province of Wuhan and quickly spread around China. Consequently, most nations had to quickly cut economic ties with communist China. This led to a reduction in the export and import of goods to China. The French finance minister made an insightful revelation about the realization of the country’s over-reliance on China for economic activities. If you’re in the exportation and importation business, you should make plans on looking elsewhere to expand your repertoire; probably other developing Asian nations, North America and Africa.

Video conferencing & live streaming will become the new trend

This has been tagged a ‘trend for the future’ but as we can all see, the future is now. Hopefully, this is not the end as some people call it ‘coronapocalype’. Since most jobs are now being done remotely, team members have found the best means to keep one another updated to be video conferencing. And it’s indeed proven to be more efficient than in-person meetings. The video conferencing has been taken up a notch with the G7 summit set to hold for the first time via a video conference call to discuss strategies to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

definition of coronapocalypse

There’s also been an increase in the number of live videos, with celebrities and influencers trying to stay connected with their followers through live streaming. Presently, A-list musicians are giving live free concerts on social media with the hashtag ‘#togetherathome’ since large crowds have been banned indefinitely all over the world. I particularly think we’ll soon begin attending paid concerts and other events on the internet and I look forward to this. So, live streaming should be one aspect you should definitely look into when you plan your content creation strategy.

The best way for businesses to engage with their audiences is by creating more audiovisual content.

Remote work will be on the increase

This Covid-19 pandemic has shown us that you don’t have to be at your workplace to get work done. Your new workplace could be your couch – just like me – or dining table or bedroom or wherever. And even after this pathogen-driven-world-war-III is defeated, jobs will become more remote than ever with employers looking for ways to make jobs more flexible for employees.

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Record number of job losses

Economic activities in most countries have been brought to a halt and economies are crashing. Nations are under lockdowns. People are being forced to work from home and many automation tools are being developed every day to keep businesses running without much human physical presence.

These all point to one thing: millions of jobs will be lost globally. 25 million has been estimated.

And after the world comes out of this recession or depression (which looks likely), more jobs will be cut to cushion the effects on businesses. And more human jobs will be automated by bots and software. If you’re an employee, you should start learning to work with new tools to make you relevant to your job.

Increased number of freelancers

This Covid-19 pandemic have put lots of people under lockdown and most people fear they’ll lose their jobs and are now taking some online courses, some others are having new experiences spending time with their loved ones and pets, while others are bored and looking for new activities to spice up their days.

Infographic showing the effects of coronavirus

In all these, a new breed of freelancers will crop up. Some will blog about their experiences as stay-at-home parents. Some will blog about the unique behaviours of their pets. Others will fight with their loved ones, resolve the problems and blog about relationships. Many of these will be done as side-hustles or just for fun. Whatever your motivation is, I think you should give online freelancing, particularly blogging a thought.

Increased e-commerce activities and usage of drones

While businesses are laying off workers, Amazon is hiring 100,000 new employees: their workforce is not enough to service people’s orders. Most people will prefer to avoid contact from going to a store and instead shop online to ensure their safety. You should definitely set up an e-commerce business as a side-hustle.

Furthermore, there will become an increase in the usage of drones. Amazon will also try to use drones to deliver packages and many other careers like photographers and journalists will also use drones to take pictures and videos of happenings in their cities and share with their audiences.
Henceforth, the usage of drones will be more widespread so you might want to think about how you can incorporate this into your business.

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The aviation sector will continue to suffer

With video conferencing becoming a perfect substitute for long-distance travel and my prediction of online/live streaming of concerts and events, the aviation sector will suffer great losses. Also, expect climate activists to use this point to champion their campaigns to help curb greenhouse gases emissions and the effects of climate change. Although I can’t ascertain if the tourism sector will suffer a major blow, I believe the hospitality industry will be hard hit.

The frailties of healthcare systems all over the world

As technologically advanced as we are, the world isn’t prepared for this pandemic. At the moment, health experts are puzzled with the ‘hows’ the covid-19 virus caught us off-guard.

Despite the social distancing and other measures taken to reduce the spread, hospitals are saturated, 65,000 retired healthcare workers are being recalled in the UK and makeshift healthcare centers are being erected. Healthcare workers are complaining about the shortages of beds, ventilators, medicines, face masks, and other protective gears; New York Times gives a statistical analysis of the situation in the US here. How governments react to the increasing need for health experts and facilities after this pandemic is over is what we’re all be keeping tabs on.

Businesses should put these keynotes into consideration and leverage some of the after-effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Please share this blog as it can be beneficial to someone in your circle. Let me know your thoughts, ideas, and contributions to this topic in the comment section.

On this note, I’ll like to pay a special tribute to all the healthcare and non-healthcare workers on the frontline. They’re the the real rockstars. A more heartfelt tribute goes to the bereaved families of those that lost a loved one in this fight. My heart goes out to you.

Please, we should all take heed to pieces of advice from the government and WHO and avoid catching the Covid-19 by taking these simple actions.

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Thanks for reading and stay safe till next time. Connect with me for your content marketing strategy case study.

Yours Nuelzy-pen.

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