Top 8 Inevitable Consequences Of The Coronavirus Pandemic Crisis

A health worker stacking medical equipment and medicines in China

Just in case you’re an alien from Mars, the juiciest topic on the planet right now is that of the novel coronavirus pandemic caused by the SARS-Cov-2. It’s been ravaging economies, stocks have been plunging, the earth’s population is being decimated daily, everyone’s in a panic, the uncertainty is super high and the media is making lots of money from this pandemic.

Regardless of how much people will prefer not to talk about the topic, you can’t help it. You watch or listen to it on the news, see a post about it on social media, get newsletters of how it impacts businesses and the gloom forecasts the future holds. It’s everywhere in your face. I even dreamt about it last night, surprisingly.
While we’re all hoping that a cure is developed real soon, here are the top 8 inevitable takeaways of this coronavirus pandemic, otherwise called Covid-19.

Many new markets will be explored

The coronavirus outbreak started in the Hubei province of Wuhan and quickly spread around China. Consequently, most nations had to quickly cut economic ties with communist China. This led to a reduction in the export and import of goods to China. The French finance minister made an insightful revelation about the realization of the country’s over-reliance on China for economic activities. If you’re in the exportation and importation business, you should make plans on looking elsewhere to expand your repertoire; probably other developing Asian nations, North America and Africa.

Video conferencing & live streaming will become the new trend

This has been tagged a ‚trend for the future‘ but as we can all see, the future is now. Hopefully, this is not the end as some people call it ‚coronapocalype‘. Since most jobs are now being done remotely, team members have found the best means to keep one another updated to be video conferencing. And it’s indeed proven to be more efficient than in-person meetings. The video conferencing has been taken up a notch with the G7 summit set to hold for the first time via a video conference call to discuss strategies to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

definition of coronapocalypse

There’s also been an increase in the number of live videos, with celebrities and influencers trying to stay connected with their followers through live streaming. Presently, A-list musicians are giving live free concerts on social media with the hashtag ‚#togetherathome‘ since large crowds have been banned indefinitely all over the world. I particularly think we’ll soon begin attending paid concerts and other events on the internet and I look forward to this. So, live streaming should be one aspect you should definitely look into when you plan your content creation strategy.

The best way for businesses to engage with their audiences is by creating more audiovisual content.

Remote work will be on the increase

This Covid-19 pandemic has shown us that you don’t have to be at your workplace to get work done. Your new workplace could be your couch – just like me – or dining table or bedroom or wherever. And even after this pathogen-driven-world-war-III is defeated, jobs will become more remote than ever with employers looking for ways to make jobs more flexible for employees.

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Record number of job losses

Economic activities in most countries have been brought to a halt and economies are crashing. Nations are under lockdowns. People are being forced to work from home and many automation tools are being developed every day to keep businesses running without much human physical presence.

These all point to one thing: millions of jobs will be lost globally. 25 million has been estimated.

And after the world comes out of this recession or depression (which looks likely), more jobs will be cut to cushion the effects on businesses. And more human jobs will be automated by bots and software. If you’re an employee, you should start learning to work with new tools to make you relevant to your job.

Increased number of freelancers

This Covid-19 pandemic have put lots of people under lockdown and most people fear they’ll lose their jobs and are now taking some online courses, some others are having new experiences spending time with their loved ones and pets, while others are bored and looking for new activities to spice up their days.

Infographic showing the effects of coronavirus

In all these, a new breed of freelancers will crop up. Some will blog about their experiences as stay-at-home parents. Some will blog about the unique behaviours of their pets. Others will fight with their loved ones, resolve the problems and blog about relationships. Many of these will be done as side-hustles or just for fun. Whatever your motivation is, I think you should give online freelancing, particularly blogging a thought.

Increased e-commerce activities and usage of drones

While businesses are laying off workers, Amazon is hiring 100,000 new employees: their workforce is not enough to service people’s orders. Most people will prefer to avoid contact from going to a store and instead shop online to ensure their safety. You should definitely set up an e-commerce business as a side-hustle.

Furthermore, there will become an increase in the usage of drones. Amazon will also try to use drones to deliver packages and many other careers like photographers and journalists will also use drones to take pictures and videos of happenings in their cities and share with their audiences.
Henceforth, the usage of drones will be more widespread so you might want to think about how you can incorporate this into your business.

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The aviation sector will continue to suffer

With video conferencing becoming a perfect substitute for long-distance travel and my prediction of online/live streaming of concerts and events, the aviation sector will suffer great losses. Also, expect climate activists to use this point to champion their campaigns to help curb greenhouse gases emissions and the effects of climate change. Although I can’t ascertain if the tourism sector will suffer a major blow, I believe the hospitality industry will be hard hit.

The frailties of healthcare systems all over the world

As technologically advanced as we are, the world isn’t prepared for this pandemic. At the moment, health experts are puzzled with the ‚hows‘ the covid-19 virus caught us off-guard.

Despite the social distancing and other measures taken to reduce the spread, hospitals are saturated, 65,000 retired healthcare workers are being recalled in the UK and makeshift healthcare centers are being erected. Healthcare workers are complaining about the shortages of beds, ventilators, medicines, face masks, and other protective gears; New York Times gives a statistical analysis of the situation in the US here. How governments react to the increasing need for health experts and facilities after this pandemic is over is what we’re all be keeping tabs on.

Businesses should put these keynotes into consideration and leverage some of the after-effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Please share this blog as it can be beneficial to someone in your circle. Let me know your thoughts, ideas, and contributions to this topic in the comment section.

On this note, I’ll like to pay a special tribute to all the healthcare and non-healthcare workers on the frontline. They’re the the real rockstars. A more heartfelt tribute goes to the bereaved families of those that lost a loved one in this fight. My heart goes out to you.

Please, we should all take heed to pieces of advice from the government and WHO and avoid catching the Covid-19 by taking these simple actions.

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Thanks for reading and stay safe till next time. Connect with me for your content marketing strategy case study.

Yours Nuelzy-pen.

The ‚Love At First Sight‘ Myth Debunked: Nuel’s Confessions

Do you believe ‚love at first sight‘ truly exists? If yes, you might have a rethink after reading my personal anecdote.

A cute couple cozying up to each other on a grassy land.

You. Me. A hand-packed picnic, a bottle of wine, some finger food and a blanket for two. Let’s see if this is more than an intense crush. – Unknown

In the cool of this evening, I’m sitting here on my couch, home alone. A thought crossed my mind and I decided to write about it: February is widely regarded as the ‚month of love‘. Is there really a thing like love at first sight? Oftentimes, when couples are quizzed how they met, they’ll smile and glance romantically at the sky like they want to relive the experience and say, „Oh, we met in the cafeteria in school and the moment I set my eyes on him/her, I knew there was something special about him/her. It was love at first sight. Indeed, it was a match made in heaven.“ Some even say, „He sent me a PM on FB saying, ‚hello‘. Then, I looked at his profile picture and voila, I felt my heart skip a beat. It was a magical experience. it was love at first sight blah blah blah.“ Now, my question is: is there really a love at first sight experience or is it a low-level infatuation? Read on.

My Experience

Before you give your thoughts on the topic, I’d like to tell you a short story from my past. Just relax as we go back to 2013.

In June, 2013 after my graduation, I was deployed to do my mandatory one-year national service programme in a very rural area in a Northern Nigerian state. During my sojourn in the village, I became a chorister in a Christian fellowship – for the record, I’m a very gifted singer. When I sing, the angels turn around and ask, „Who’s that?“ Yeah, I’m that good and I’ve won all the Grammy’s: in the bathroom, of course. In reality, I sing terribly and sound like a baby croc: I don’t even know what that sounds like. Now, back to the story: we organised a big concert to be hosted in the largest church in the village since we invited the locals. During the run-up to the event, rehearsal were great and I was excited about the whole thing but couldn’t participate because I fell ill.

The Meeting

Finally, the D-day came but I couldn’t join the choir – you already know why. Instead of sitting in the congregation, an overzealous me decided to take up the ushering role at the door post, welcoming and taking inventory of guests. As the choir churned out exhilarating tunes, I spotted a beautiful brown-skinned girl dancing in the crowd – I’ll call her Brittany. She wore a red dress – patterned with white polka dots – reaching just above her knees. I still remember that dress even though I never saw her in that dress again.

I was enthralled at how she danced with so much gung-ho, and she had a very lovely smile as she kept flashing her diastema. I was instantly attracted to her. I fixed my gaze at her and didn’t flicker for a second. After the dancing was over, she came outside with her friend, who I’ll call Andrea. I was also outside with a friend and courteously asked, „Are you ladies leaving?“ A bloke like me wasn’t interested in if she was leaving. I only wanted to know if the time was right to make an introduction. „Oh, no. We just want to take a walk. We’ll be right back,“ was her response, smilingly. I and my friend reciprocated the smile as they waltzed off. Immediately, we did what every other pair of guys would do and quickly picked our choices: My friend was like, „I’ll take the dark one (the crown jewel of this story).“ With a reticent countenance, I said, „I’ll take the other one,“ but in my mind, I clenched my fist, growled and was like, „Grr! No way,“ just like the way it’s done in cartoons. Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately for me, the girls didn’t return.

Second Meeting

A few months later, I met Brittany on the street and asked for her friend’s number. She declined saying she’d have to get her friend’s permission first. She dialled the number but it didn’t connect. To this day, I’m unsure if she really called her friend. Long story cut short, I coincidentally met Brittany when I went grocery shopping weeks later. We finally exchanged numbers and set up a date for Friday, that week. Come Friday, I asked her out and she said yes.

I did like her. She was a free-spirited and an interesting person and I think she loved me. We went on a couple of more dates and I found out she wasn’t meant for me. We had contrasting beliefs, personalities and dreams and we didn’t connect on a level I’d wanted us to. It felt like I was attracted to this person and when reality dawned on me, I discovered it was all an illusion.

My Verdict

I was indeed attracted to her right from the start but it wasn’t love. This takes us back to the question: is there truly love at first sight? If things had worked out and we eventually got married, I probably would’ve told everyone it was love at first sight. In my opinion, this cliche is actually a feeling of attraction as a result of a first striking impression. I don’t think there’s anything like love at first sight.

The Grand Debate

I’d like to know your thoughts on this topic, whether you support or are against me. Feel free to share your opinion and your experience. And if you convince me that love at first sight exists, I might jump ship. Share this article so we’ll get to know what others think about this topic.

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Yours Nuelzy-pen.

Day Spas: A Step To A Better Well-being

A happy woman celebrating her mental freedom

It’s a good idea always to do something relaxing before making an important decision in your life. – Paulo Coelho

Today, we live in a society that can be described with one word: fast-paced. As globalization and technological advancements are rapidly improving, we’re striving very hard to keep up with the pace, hence it’s become difficult to properly maintain a good work-life balance.

Getting up very early to beat the morning traffic and staying behind after closing hours, making sure our tasks don’t spill over has become the new norm. Oftentimes, we complain about being very busy, having irregular sleeping patterns, lacking time to relax and frolic with those we love. And for those having a more sedentary lifestyle and/or sitting behind their PCs working from home, boredom and gaining weight might be the issues they’re faced with.

All these impart our health adversely and no matter how hard we work, we can lose lots of money if we’re not in top shape physically, socially and mentally.

So, is a change in career the answer? No. At least, not yet…

A spa treatment is the way to go. A day spa is not just a place for thermal water treatment, it’s the best place to heal and renew your mind, body and soul. This might just be the elixir you seek.

Here are the top 5 health-benefiting reasons you should visit a spa:

1. Relaxation

A lady having a nice time in the pool after a massage.
A lady having a nice time in the pool after a massage.

Nothing beats soaking in a hot bubbly water. It’s very refreshing and you won’t know when you fall asleep in the bath: the cool sensation relaxes your nerves. The massage and aromatherapy eases the tension in your mind and takes your mind off the cares of this world.

Haven’t had a good rest lately? Visit Keidel today and thank me later. They’ve also got large-sized pools for you to chill and if you’re a nature-lover like me, you can take a walk in their moss forest. This is indeed the perfect way to unwind, bringing your body and soul into harmony.

2. A Good Massage

A man undergoing a massage therapy from a well-trained masseur
A man undergoing a massage therapy from a well-trained masseur

It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary. – Mandy Hals

Spa masseurs are experts that have undergone extensive physiotherapeutic trainings. Their massage therapy reduces the pains in your tensed muscles and looses its stiffness. Plus, it reduces your nerve compression and is good for your blood circulation.

The moment you feel the masseur’s touch on your skin is when you begin swooning in cloud nine. Have you been anxious about how business has been going lately, meeting a deadline or you’re just bothered about happenings in your life? Visit Wonnemar, get a massage and flush that anxiety out of your system. In addition, their massages help you detoxify.

Looking to get the best massage therapy in a day spa near you? Visit Wonnemar today. Interestingly, they’re offering you a Free Bliss Day when you buy a ticket for 29/02/2019: leap day. This is a buy-one-get-one-free offer you definitely don’t want to miss.

3. Weight Loss and Beauty Treatments

A lady performing water exercise
A lady engaging in water sports

Since you’ve not had time for yourself, let alone your family, the last thing to come to your mind would be exercises: your sedentary lifestyle and non-indulgence in sports are endangering your health.

Day spas have social amenities like table tennis courts, pools – for water sports – and grassy areas to get you indulged in sporting activities in serene and peaceful environments. The fitness experts help you with weight loss tips and diets. Spas make exercises fun for your utmost satisfaction and happiness.

You can also take a long walks alone or with your partner around the facility. And if you’d like to take it up a notch, spas have special weight-loss management programs. Would you love to shed some kilos and be in good shape? Visit Keidel today.

In addition, these days, people prefer to go to spa aestheticians rather than a dermatologist for their facial, body, nail and foot (manicure and pedicure) grooming because these skin-care therapists use special products to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Their treatments remove blemishes thereby giving you a glowing appearance. You also get nice haircuts in the salons.

4. Healing and Better Sleep

A woman having a sound sleep on a white mattress after a spa treatment
A woman having a sound sleep after a spa treatment

A lot of people have reported an improved sleeping pattern after a spa treatment with most people saying that the only thing they do when they return home after a spa visit is to sleep.

Visiting a spa helps you recover faster from an injury and reduces body pains. The stretching exercises and thermal treatment helps in decreasing muscle tension and improves your mobility.

Spa treatments have also been shown to help in curing depression and preventing injuries. I recommend booking a session with Meersburg. Their services are fantastic and their pricing are very affordable.

5. Good Nutrition

A healthy and sumptuous meal served at a spa
A healthy and sumptuous meal served at a spa

If you would love to be pampered with good, fresh and natural food, the best place to get such attention and satisfaction is the spa. They feature excellent spa cuisines prepared by seasoned chefs. They also set the mood right with light music and candlelights. And if you go for a couple massage, you two won’t just eat a healthy meal, you’ll fall in love all over again.

In conclusion, while there are lots of other benefits in visiting a spa, these are just the top health results from my survey. A trip to any of the aforementioned might just be the biggest life-changing decision of your life. Their utmost priority is to reinvigorate your life.

Book your exclusive session with any of the above listed spas today or treat your loved-one to a gift ticket and I guarantee you a memorable experience.

Yours Nuelzy-pen.

Cool winter, cooler outfits – a guest contribution

I am pleased to share the first guest post on my blog with you today. I discovered Les Belle Fashion on Instagram. It’s an unusually fresh and lively style on this blog. At regular intervals, Les Belle offers fashion outfits for the day, the night or the weekend. I always have a smile on my face when I read these write-ups.
The blogger & copywriter – Nuel Iyere – has written this article explicitly for you.
Let yourself be inspired. (in German here)
Petra-Dez18 479.A
Have fun as you enjoy the read,
your Petra Kolossa.
=======>>> The days are getting shorter and the temperatures cooler, which means only one thing: winter is already here. During this time of the year, people keep fussing about how to look smashing hot in spite of the cold weather and this is where I would like to help prepare you for the snowy, chilly months ahead. Here’s everything you need to keep the cold out without sacrificing your fashion sense. And the interesting thing about these wardrobe essentials is that they are available for cheap prices.
i-Parka2The Parka – Since the Parka was first worn by the native Inuit of the Arctic regions of Northern Russia and Alaska to protect themselves from the extremely cold Arctic climate, it has never lost its topicality, forcing its way to become a staple winter outfit. If there’s only one winter item you will really need, then it’s a parka – just one that reaches to the mid-thigh, preferably with features that makes it versatile and is waterproof, not water-repellent – so it can be worn in the rain, snow and any weather. It’s good to opt for waterproof rather than water-repellent finishing so you can wear the coat in the snow or in the rain. Also choose one that’s a buttoned-down furry coat. When buying, make sure it’s a good synthetic coat. You might not necessarily want to wear animal skins as part of your clothing.
Waterproof Snow boots – If you’d love to go hiking in the snow, spend a few bucks on waterproof snowboots. Decide on a material designed to keep out the wet and cold. Buy a warm lined fur version. I recommend a modern synthetic variant. And opt for an Ultra-Protector, which additionally provides a waterproof protection and extra warmth.
Sweater – The sweater and cardigan have been an integral part of our wardrobe since spring, and we can not stress enough how important it is for the winter months. We recommend choosing at least two cozy vests with colors that will fit most things in your wardrobe. The choice between black, white, brown / beige, blue or mixed colors in a striped fashion style is very stylish. Choose a cashmere sweater with a round neck and a second that you particularly like. I prefer the sweaters with a v-neck. Interestingly, these can be worn all year round.
Warm tights & leggings – For women, the purchase of tight pants is definitely a good choice. Nothing reveals your curves more than this. Despite trying to cover up because of the cold, you’ll also want something revealing – so these are a must. They go with all types of tops and shoes. And if you’re wearing your thigh high boots, theyll fit better than your jeans.
i-Thigh high boot
Hats & Beanies – Ever since the Middle Ages, when hats were worn to give the wearer social status, the usage of hats speaks only one language: classy. If you don one, you belong to a class of its own. All the more interesting is that this accessory can be worn all year round and you’ll still look fashionable. It does not discriminate against the seasons. Even if you’re not a hat person, you might need a beanie for those extra-chilly days. On these days, it makes a big difference to cover your head with an extra layer under the hood. If you think you do not have enough money to buy this item, it is good to know that it is very cheap and already available for only $10.